Manage Physician Relationships by Simplifying Aggregate Spend Reporting & Reducing Discrepancies and Disputes

The new Healthcare Transparency Ecosytem presents many challenges for Life Science Companies. Open Payments (Physician Payment Sunshine Act) will change the physician-industry landscape. But what effect will this transparency have on your physician customers? Error-free reporting by pharmaceutical and medical device companies is now more important than ever. Why not provide physicians with access to the information BEFORE reporting to the Federal Government? Let them verify the information before it is reported.

Do you have confidence that your reports are accurate? The MediSpend Notification & Dispute Resolution Center is a direct access point for physicians and HCOs to confirm and dispute (if necessary) all spend information being reported to the Federal government. Our ground-breaking software is designed to work seamlessly with MediSpend or ANY aggregate spend solution.

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Works seamlessly with ANY Aggregate Spend solution
HCP spend notification & dispute resolution workflows
Improve physician-to-industry relationships
Direct reporting to the spend administrator

It’s time to make global compliance a breeze

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