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Stay updated with what’s happening in the world of aggregate spend and global compliance using the MediSpend Aggregate Spend Resource Center. Here you’ll find a collection of reports, documents, maps, and other resources that have been complied by our Team of Global Compliance and Aggregate Spend Experts.

Navigating New Compliance Regulations in the Life Sciences Industry Webinar

MediSpend’s Chief Commercial Officer, Seth Houston, Guidehouse’s Partner, Mark Farrar, and Guidehouse’s Managing Consultant, Matt Chandler, discuss the upcoming regulation changes for 2021, privacy implications as they relate to GDPR, how technology can help your organization adapt faster and provide actionable next steps for your organization to prepare for these changes.

Assessing Your Transparency Reporting Program Webinar

MediSpend’s Vice President of Client Services, Suj Patel, and MediSpend’s Director of Client Services, Lucas Croteau, discuss common problems and best practices when it comes to assessing your transparency reporting program, including dealing with incomplete or missing data, validating data provided by third parties, calculating transactional and aggregate spend thresholds and more.

Building An Effective Transparency Reporting Program Webinar

Learn more about how to build an effective, scalable transparency reporting program to meet requirements in the U.S. and abroad. You’ll also learn about current transparency reporting requirements and how organizations can use a flexible and scalable approach to take the burden out of meeting those requirements.

MediSpend & Veeva Interview

MediSpend recently talked with Veeva about tips and advice for our customers managing risk in an integrated life sciences events environment. In this video, you will learn how to implement fair market value consistently, what critical controls companies should implement and how to ensure that technology and services meet compliance requirements.

Legislative Watch Update Webinar (May 2020)

Learn more about recent US legislative updates, including CMS Open Payments expansion, updates to AdvaMed and PhRMA Codes and updates to state laws, including California, Massachusetts and Colorado. Also learn about global updates, including the new EFPIA code, updates to the MedTech Europe Code and developments regarding the Italian “Sunshine Act”.

What Does the CCPA Mean for Life Sciences Companies Webinar

Learn more about the California Consumer Privacy Act including what data it protects, who the law applies to, what departments within your organization may be affected and the steps you should take to ensure compliance.

Simplify Your Transparency Reporting Webinar

Learn more about the benefits of using MediSpend’s cloud-based Transparency Reporting Solution for your aggregate spend reporting.

Overview of the DOJ’s 2019 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs Guidance Webinar

Learn more about the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 2019 evaluation of corporate compliance programs and how the use of metrics can help manage compliance risks in life sciences organizations.

Legislative Watch Update Webinar (June 2019)

Learn more about recent US legislative updates, including Massachusetts’ updated disclosure format, New Jersey’s gift ban and the STAR Act. Also learn about global updates, including the AdvaMed Code and MedTech Europe Code updates and Japan’s Clinical Research Act.

Effective Analytics Using Organizational Data Webinar

The properly configured analytics tool is key to maximizing the potential of your organization’s compliance data. Learn how using embedded organizational data in your analytics can provide incredible value back to your business.

Legislative Watch Update Webinar (February 2019)

Learn more about transparency legislation deadlines and additional jurisdictions added to the MediSpend’s innovative and informative Legislative Watch tool from the company’s legal experts.

Introducing Legislative Watch Webinar

In this webinar, our experts update you on emerging regulations in South Korea, Japan, Ontario and other jurisdictions of interest. You’ll also learn about the up-to-date, in-depth regulatory information available to you on Legislative Watch and how to access it.

The Value of Data Analytics in Compliance Webinar

The importance of managing data is getting the recognition it deserves in the life sciences sector. Regulators and other stakeholders are dealing with enormous amounts of data. This webinar covers why data exists, what it looks like and the benefits and challenges of data proliferation.

 “Now What?” Next Steps Towards GDPR Compliance Webinar

Learn how the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation impacts your business and what you need to know to stay in compliance. This webinar covers what to expect from regulators and the potentially overlooked obligations that could leave you vulnerable

MediSpend Global Compliance Platform brochure

A comprehensive cloud-based aggregate spend tracking and reporting compliance solution designed specifically for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies.

MediSpend Engagement Manager Brochure

An HCP engagement and management solution designed to minimize risk and maximize compliance by substantiating a business need, qualifying HCPs, establishing FMV and documenting all activities.

MediSpend Federal Brochure

Supports small- to mid-sized companies in the life sciences industry by automating Open Payments submissions with a robust, rules-based federal reporting system backed by a database of more than 18 million HCP records.

MediSpend Notification Center Brochure

A direct access point for physicians to confirm and dispute all spend information being reported to the Federal government.

Analysis of Proposed Rules in Support of the PPACA

On December 19, 2011, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published the proposed rule implementing the transparency provisions set forth at section 6002 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

MediSpend Insight Brochure

Data analysis dashboards for compliance monitoring, risk assessment and business analytics.

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