MediSpend Platform

The MediSpend Global Compliance Platform is the first cloud-based platform and suite of applications designed specifically to address regulatory and compliance laws for all life sciences companies.

MediSpend is leading the industry by providing cost-effective compliance solutions to help companies comply with global transparency laws.

MediSpend aggregates and analyzes enterprise data, helps executives identify and assess organizational risk, and enables finance, commercial, compliance executives to manage relationships with healthcare providers across the globe.

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MediSpend Federal

MediSpend Federal, our lowest cost solution for small to mid-sized companies who are required to file Open Payments reports. This easy-to-use, fully hosted, cloud solution minimizes risk, saves time and reduces overhead costs for IT, finance and compliance departments.

Validate HCPs and HCOs with our compliance grade database with access to 18 million U.S. healthcare provider records
Minimize the risk of inaccurate reporting that can result in financial penalties
Easy to use and can be configured in hours so you are up and running immediately
Add State Reporting when your company’s requirements change
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Physician Engagement

Engagement Manager

Qualifying and engaging HCPs is a complex process involving multiple departments within a life science company. MediSpend Engagement Manager organizes the entire HCP engagement process from HCP identification, qualification, selection and monitoring. With direct integration with MediSpend, managing payments to HCPs and generating state, federal and global compliance reports has never been easier.

Ensure compliance by creating a standardized objective process to qualify physicians
Provides access to physician sanction data on both the State and Federal level
Assess current Fair Market Value rates for physician engagements
Documents the business objective and needs assessment process for HCP engagements
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MediSpend Validate

MediSpend Validate checks every data field and every row of data, pinpointing exact errors in your data set to ensure data quality and accuracy. This self-service tool validates all three Federal Open Payments Reports, checks data accuracy against current CMS rules, and provides a report card summary of all errors within 24-hours.

Easy-to-use self-service tool works in three simple steps
Validate all three Federal Open Payments Reports
First 300 transaction lines are free!
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Notification &
Dispute Resolution Center

Communicate with your customers proactively before, during or after the reporting period. The MediSpend Notification and Dispute Resolution Center provides a secure, cloud-based platform to share spend data with HCPs and HCO’s based on your business rules and bi-directional communication platform to resolve disputes.

Integrates with all aggregate spend systems
Easy-to-use workflows
Free for physicians and healthcare organizations
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MediSpend Insight

Our comprehensive web-based aggregate spend solution combines customizable, user-friendly workflows with the industry’s most robust data set to create an accurate 360º view of physicians and academic teaching hospitals.

One-Click Reporting
Guided Customizable Workflows
Secure Third-Party Web Access
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Notification & Dispute Resolution Center

The MediSpend® Notification & Dispute Resolution Center is a direct access point for physicians and HCOs to confirm and dispute (if necessary) all spend information being reported to the Federal government. Error-free reporting is now more important than ever – verify report data before submitting your final reports.

Integrate With Any Aggregate Spend Solution
Notification & Dispute Resolution Workflows
Improve Physician-to-Industry Relationships
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We’ve fixed global compliance

MediSpend solves common issues that arise from collecting and reporting aggregate spend.

Large Volumes of Data

In today’s landscape of massive data, manual aggregation and reporting is no longer feasible. Our platform pulls information from multiple systems to simplify aggregation with your enterprise.

Poor Data Quality

Our integrated platform minimizes errors and simplifies data entry with customizable workflows and allows you to share data with HCPs to verify accuracy.

Wasted Legal Analysis

The complex situation of intersecting State and Federal standards can make it difficult for the spend administrator to report correctly. Our proprietary “Natures & Purposes” interface accurately translates real-world scenarios into jurisdiction-based reports.

Strained HCP Relationships

Ensuring your reporting is 100% accurate is important when maintaining a strong relationship with your Health Care Providers. Our Notification Center allows you to pre-report and verify spend data to make sure there are no surprises.

It’s time to make global compliance a breeze

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you why MediSpend is a market-leading, cost-effective and proven solution for global compliance in the life science industry. Request a demo and we’ll help you make global compliance a breeze!

MediSpend Global Compliance
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