Reduce Risk & Maximize Compliance Across HCE Engagement Activities

Qualifying and engaging HCPs is a complex operation involving multiple departments within your organization. MediSpend Engagement Manager is an HCP engagement and management solution. MediSpend Engagement Manager organizes the entire HCP engagement and management process, from HCP qualification through budget reconciliation and payment, by utilizing a single web-enabled platform that is available to all team members, thus minimizing risk and maximizing compliance by substantiating a business need, qualifying HCPs, establishing FMV and documenting all activities.

Needs Assessment

Establish and document legitimate business need for HCE engagement; written agreement; scope of work; fees; compliance obligations and work product.

HCE Qualifications

Centralize and access HCE qualification information, consent, data/files, tier and rate assignment,

Fair Market Value

Repository of pre-set rates based on FMV analysis; ensure consistent FMV payments across your global organization


Healthcare Entity specific data capture providing efficient contract and amendment tracking, consent, with advanced search and access controls

HCE Engagements

Create validate and manage planned engagements against applicable contracts/HCEs

Activity Reports

Control and substantiate all payments with full visibility to all payments and upstream ties helping negate duplicate payments

Grants Management

Validate and centralize external grant request forms with tips and guides for requestors ensuring comprehension

Compliance with State and Federal Laws, including the Anti-kickback Statue
and False Claims Act requires strict adherence to well-defined process.


The consequences of not complying with the Anti-Kickback Statue, the physicians Payment Sunshine Act (PPSA) and other State and Federal laws can be serious and costly.

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Mitigate risk and protect your reputation with the MediSpend Engagement Manager

Qualify Physicians

Ensures compliance by creating a standardized objective process to qualify physicians.

Provides access to physician sanction data on both the State and Federal level.

Access Fair Market Value (FMV)

Access current Fair Market Value rates for physician engagements.

Ensures compliant compensation levels for opinion leaders based on their experience, publications and other objective criteria.

Provide Proof of Activities Upon Request

Documents the business objective and needs assessment process for engaging physicians.

Archives all the specific details of each engagement.

Documents that services were performed and payments were fair and accurate.

Physician signature page includes proper controls.

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