Use enterprise-wide controls to maintain compliant
HCP relationships

Stay ahead of the risk curve when qualifying and engaging healthcare professionals. MediSpend Engagement Manager is a global solution for end-to-end HCP engagement and management. Designed for today’s Compliance officers with tomorrow’s needs in mind, it enables management of high-risk business processes by implementing internal controls across your enterprise on a single, cloud-based platform.

Reduce risk, maximize compliance and exercise a strategic advantage
with MediSpend Engagement Manager.


MediSpend Engagement Manager makes it easy to implement the controls you need to proactively manage risk around HCP engagements, support compliance and enhance workflow efficiencies to deliver more value to your organization. Plus, its cloud-based global platform easily interfaces with your CMS, payment system and data feeds—and integrates with our Transparency Reporting Solution and Insight Analytics modules for a comprehensive, coordinated approach to compliance, reporting and business intelligence.

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Make your compliance program best-in-class with a closed-loop system

Internal controls to support global consistency

Standardize physician qualification criteria enterprise wide

Apply uniform compensation rates across the organization

Link FMV rates with needs assessments, HCP qualifications and contracts and tie back to the final payment

Retain documents in a central location

Use embedded analytics to monitor and proactively identify non-compliant activity

Provide documentation on request

Document business objective and needs assessment process for engaging physicians

Archive all specific details of each engagement

Maintain central records of service performance

Manage legal and regulatory challenges

Integrate with MediSpend’s Transparency Reporting Solution for accurate and timely delivery of transfer-of-value reports

Improve HCP engagements

Support fair and accurate payment

Provide visibility to the organization

Deliver a consistent experience

Enhance efficiencies

Reduce risk and drive compliance in your organization.

Engagement Manager organizes and streamlines your HCP interactions, from needs assessment and HCP qualification through budget reconciliation and payment in order to reduce your compliance risks while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

MediSpend Global Compliance

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