Engagement Manager

  • Organizes the entire HCP engagement process from HCP identification, qualification, selection and monitoring.
  • Direct integration with MediSpend’s Aggregate Spend solution makes managing payments to HCPs and generating state, federal and global compliance reports easy and efficient.

Transparency Reporting

  • A SaaS cloud-based platform and suite of applications designed specifically to address global transparency and aggregate spend reporting requirements for life science companies.
  • Combines customizable, user-friendly workflows with the industry’s most robust data set to create an accurate 360º view of financial transactions with all healthcare professionals.


  • Leverage compliance data to manage risk and provide value to business stakeholders
  • Powerful analytics provide real-time compliance monitoring to reduce risk
  • Identify outliers and high risk behavior with easy to use dashboards
  • Generate a variety of reports for commercial, clinical and compliance business units

Solutions and Services Expertise

Our services and customer success teams of subject matter experts work in partnership with our customers to improve business workflow and solve common process issues that arise from managing the end-to-end HCE engagement process through data collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting.

State, Federal & Global Transparency Laws

As transparency and disclosure laws continue to spread across the globe business processes must evolve to ensure companies remain in compliance. The MediSpend Customer Success Team works hand-in-hand with our life science customers providing solutions to monitor business behavior to identify increased risks. With consistently high customer success ratings, we help our customers manage the compliance challenges with scalable solutions for any business size.

Business Insights for Commercial & Operations Improvement

Recognized as technology experts and enterprise system integrators, our solutions enable rich data integration and normalization from enterprise source systems as well as data from 3rd parties. Our easy user workflows and data aggregations tools enable our customers to access both public and private data. Using private cloud hosted solutions and advanced off-the-shelf analytics dashboards our customers used integrated business analytics to improve commercial operations and optimize business process workflows.

Compliance Monitoring & Auditing

Our experienced subject matter experts help customers develop compliance programs and business process protocols to manage and monitor business behavior. Our MediSpend Insight analytics dashboards and reports provide a real-time view into business operations to help our customers ensure transparency within the organization, identify areas of risk and immediately take action to address non-compliant business activities. We deliver best practice workflows for effective compliance programs. Our partners provide monitoring and auditing services including real-time monitoring and third-party vendor audits.

Legal & Regulatory Advisory Support

Our recognized legal and regulatory subject matter experts work closely with our customer to help life science companies improve overall workflow efficiencies, address regulatory and compliance vulnerabilities, and optimize compliance, business operations and commercial organizations workflows.

Regulatory Focus on Disclosure

MediSpend solves common issues that arise from collecting and reporting aggregate spend.

Transparency Disclosure

  • Manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, biologics and medical supplies must disclose certain payments made to health care providers
  • Continually evolving regulatory requirements
  • Complex IT and process challenges
  • Significant fines and penalties for non-compliance

Healthcare Fraud Enforcement

  • Urgent demand for fraud prevention and risk mitigation solutions
  • Fraud transcends all sectors of health care – companies such as GSK, J&J, Novartis, CR Bard, and ISTA recently paid billions in anti-kickback fines
  • Settlements and best practices dictate a solution to manage compliance

Master Data Management

  • Consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describes the core attributes of the enterprise
  • Customer data scattered throughout enterprises
  • Essential to report transfers of value accurately
Open payments for disclosure and compliance

Anti-Bribery Laws

  • UK Bribery Act

Anti-Corruption Laws

  • FCPA
  • Anti-Kickback Statute

Industry Codes

  • Japan-JPMA

Transparency Laws

  • Open Payments
  • US States
  • France Loi Bertrand
MediSpend quality service and support

Quality Service & Support

  • Work with customers to design end-to-end solutions from identifying spend to capturing spend to processing spend to reporting spend
  • Configure and integrate with your source systems and processes
  • Facilitate hands-on support to learn to use MediSpend and optimally use it within operations
  • Beyond schedules, issues, and risk, we continually analyze data, design and configure solutions, test, train, and deploy solutions
  • Deliver the same quality service and support you received during your start up phase regardless of timing or scope
  • Provide support and assistance with preparing for state, federal, and global reporting

Implementation – Fast & Easy

Kick off


Develop proposed project plan



Establish documentation and workflow

Migration and Build Out

Migration & Build Out

Configuration and ETL integration

Testing and Training

Testing & Training

Ensure MediSpend meets all customer needs

It’s time to make global compliance a breeze

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