Global Compliance Platform

Complying with ever-changing global healthcare legislation requires a highly configurable and scalable cloud-based solution. The MediSpend Global Compliance Platform is the only single-platform solution that provides end-to-end global compliance for HCP engagement workflows. Coupled with legal and regulatory expertise and a professional services team, MediSpend supports life sciences organizations as they navigate global compliance demands:

  • Various languages and currencies
  • Ever-changing privacy laws
  • Different reporting requirements in each country

Our Global Compliance Platform

MediSpend supports clients around the world, with successful implementations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Our end-to-end global compliance platform: 

Global Compliance User Interface
  • Meets end-to-end global compliance platform needs of complex pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotech and device manufacturers
  • Allows customers to manage upstream HCP workflows and seamlessly aggregate downstream enterprise data
  • Integrates analytics tools to help you manage costs, reduce risk, and drive better decisions
  • Visually tracks spend and creates customized workflows to accurately analyze all your expenses
  • Cross-checks any regulation with our automated reporting tools
  • Aggregates all your data from disparate databases
  • Connects across the enterprise

An Answer That Knows No Bounds

Delivering global capabilities, in addition to a highly configurable and scalable technology platform, the MediSpend Global Compliance Platform functions well across:

We Monitor the Global Regulatory Landscape

New legislation and changes to existing laws are made every day. We keep you current in all the countries where you do business.

  • As the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, MediSpend experts assist with compliance and share their knowledge of enforcement, helping you prepare for the future.
  • While the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) grapples with remaining true to its mission amid Brexit, MediSpend is providing the most up-to-date information regarding compliance with the EFPIA Disclosure code.
  • More than 40 countries around the world require transparency reporting. We can help you manage the different existing and emerging rules and formats in the United States, Asia, Australia, the various European countries and elsewhere. 
EU Regulatory Landscape

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It’s time to make global compliance a breeze

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