Real-time Data Analytics & Compliance Monitoring Solutions

CMS Open Payments dataset

Analyze CMS Data

Open Payments data at your fingertips to easily identify spend trends and competitor activity

Analyze enterprise data to identify high risk areas

Analyze Your Business

Analyze enterprise data to identify high risk areas and enhance decision making throughout the organization.

Analyze and ensure compliance

Analyze Your Compliance Program

Monitor business in real-time with alerts, warnings and daily updates. Leverage compliance data to provide value to the business.

MediSpend Insight – off-the-shelf analytics dashboards each with purpose-built and powerful analytics capabilities

Pre-configured dashboards with filters and controls to analyze the data that is meaningful to your business

Drill down into and distill critical business data to make it actionable and insightful

Make iterations effortlessly and on the fly as new data becomes available

Print and distribute reports and files to key business stakeholders

Compliance – Legal – Commercial Operations – R&D – Clinical

Compliance & Legal Dashboards
    • Real-time monitoring of business rules and codes of conduct.
    • Easy to use filters to drill down into data to view outliers.
    • Identify outliers and correct non-compliant behaviors.
    • Off-the-shelf dashboards ensure C-level transparency.
    • Identify and manage perceived off-label use of products or devices.
Commercial Operations Dashboards
    • Real-time display of data to monitor field force activities.
    • Identify and manage perceived off-label use of products or devices.
    • Drill down to identify non-compliant sales reps.
    • Provide reports and dashboards to business stakeholders for certification and approval of data prior to final C-level attestation.
R&D and Clinical Dashboards
    • Real-time clinical trial and CRO monitoring of budget to actual performance.
    • Benchmark company vs. competitor spend.
    • Compare top HCP spend by category, product, nature, purpose, etc.
    • Analyze predicted spend vs real-time spend over time.
    • Predict spending patterns.

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By applying the power of MediSpend Insight you can leverage the data already collected for transparency reporting to manage risk and provide value to your business stakeholders.

Senior Leadership

Get clear, transparent and real-time dashboards with MediSpend Insight. See precisely what’s going on in your department, division or product group. Benchmark and configure an in-depth analysis of your competitors using the CMS Open Payments dataset.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Off-the-shelf compliance monitoring dashboards identify outliers and spot trends before they become compliance issues. Risk assessment and alerts for adherence to the Anti-Kickback Statute.

Sales and Marketing

Benchmark KOL physicians, products, and marketing spend against your competitors. CMS Open Payments dashboards provide off-the- shelf graphs and reports on your competitors’ spend. Predictive analytics dashboards provide views into the future to manage growth and desired outcomes.

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